CHARLES LOVJOY is considered to be a "Jack of All Trades" in the entertainment industry.








I hail from Detroit, Michigan. From a young age, I nurtured a deep love for the


entertainment industry, which has dictated much of my life's course. By the age of


nine, I was writing songs, short stories, and poetry. Since 2011, I have been


professionally acting and doing voice-overs. You can call me a “Jack of All Trades.”


I'm a professional publisher/author, actor, voice-over artist, producer, writer, author, and hip-hop




      As a rap artist, I have shared a stage with some very notable hip hop acts,


such as; Scarface, Twista, D-12, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Too $hort, and many


others. Some of my most notable projects to date include; voice-overs for The


Detroit Pistons and Detroit Tigers and a guest appearance on The Comedy Central


Network on a show called “Detroiters.”


      Being a staunch believer in continuous learning and self-improvement, I have a


rich educational background that accentuates my career as an artist. I pursued a


degree in Audio Communications from the prestigious Specs Howard School of


Broadcast Arts and studied Music Production at Full Sail University. In high school


and college, I took up several acting classes to hone my acting skills and knowledge.


      Throughout my career, I've been fortunate enough to interact with people from


all walks of life, making me compassionate and respectful towards other


cultures. Though I have been blessed with many talents, my first love/passion has


always will been writing! My most recent projects include a non-fiction book


titled "Thug Life A Lust for Destruction," and also the accompanying music for the


book, a hip-hop album entitled "Black Sage." Writing to me is therapeutic, and


through my works, I intend to provoke thoughtful insights on the human condition


and how we view it.